Friday, June 12, 2009


I finished filming a feature film a month ago. It was a big deal for a few reasons. First it is almost like a family art project. The film was written, directed & is now being cut by my dad (Ross Turnbull is his name). It was produced, and acted in (+ a whole laundry list of other odd jobs) by my mom (Jennifer Hazel). It doesn't end there. My sister, three cousins, my girlfriend, my best bud and a slew of other close folks had responsibilities as well... Lastly, I apparently played the lead. I'm also composing music. Needless to say I've never worked so hard on an acting gig before, and it's become much more to me sentimentally. I have a huge fondness for the project, and great memories of working on it. I can't wait till it's out in the world for people to recognize all the hard work that went into it from all kinds of people I love...

This is to say nothing about what the film is actually about... for that you will have to wait.

In the mean time I would like to share some photos from the set, taken by my girl Caley Jones who as it turns out has a pretty great eye. Some of these pictures were taken by Matt O'Sullivan who is another fantastic photographer. I hope they whet your appetite for both movie watching, and movie making.

Them that done it.

Negative vibes.

Through the looking glass.

Hairstylist on-set and off...

Clearly, I fucked up.

Looking and looking.

Smiling sibling.

Pretty Woman as Roy once said.

Funny man.

Dancing crew.

At work.

She that took them. (She doesn't normally dress like Ms. Foster in Taxi Driver).


Jus d'orange! said...

I will be watching out for this.

Jennifer said...

nice choice of pics and nice excited for the yet to be composed soundtrack, thinking bout it a lot. Slim T you are a force of nature with all yr talents.
love and admiration xxx

Katkatkat said...

these pictures are all great but the way you write about the movie makes me want to see it even more.

Ben Dugas said...

Is this like one of those Eddie Murphy movies where he plays the parts of all his family members?
If so, I'm psyched.


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