Saturday, December 15, 2012


Back from Euroland. Thank you to all the hospitable and friendly music lovers who put on shows for us, put us up, or fed us... Meg Remy, Louis Percival, Tim Westberg & Carl Didur deserve many thanks both personally and cosmically for being wonderful companions and extraordinary music makers. It was so cool to stand behind our merch zone and have so many wonderful and diverse pieces from everyone in their many combinations.

Music even after travel remains a joy, the only constant. Another joy of travel is visiting the lovely record shops of the world. Respect to Oldie records in Giessen in particular. Below are some choice finds that you may also enjoy...

Michael Rother - Flammende Herzen

The steal of the tour for a mere 3 euros at Oldie. Bought kind of on a whim as some of the solo Rother that I've heard tends to err on the side of New Agey gunk... What a gem. A proper Neu! 4 of sorts, high quality space-guitar minimalism. Historically fascinating to hear Jaki do his best Dinger impression, resisting the funky shit with all his being. LISTEN.

Earth & Fire - Song of the Marching Children

We were all on high alert for any Earth & Fire, Carl having tipped us off a year ago or so. We found copies in more record stores than not, particularly in Holland of course. This band is kind of a mysterio, shrouded baroque-prog band in North America (cool), but are ultimately seen as like a melodramatic mellotron brandishing ABBA in their native continent (also cool). Great suite on side 2. LISTEN.

William Sheller - Lux Aeterna

AKA possibly the heaviest orchestral psych album next to Vannier's. Was happy to find this LP reissue as perhaps the only modestly priced record in the whole of Wah Wah in Barcelona. A mega favourite. LISTEN.

Hawkwind - Silver Machine

An imperishably heavy track. Nice looking 45. LISTEN.

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