Sunday, November 3, 2013


Twig trying to look like Lou in highschool. Lol.

What to say of someone whose presence has barely been human? More present than a ghost, opaquer than a friend. Still, with the kind of impact you can rarely attribute to someone you never met

Lou was a galvanizing force in my earliest music making years. I remember talking about the Velvet Underground passionately before having heard more than a song the whole way through. The band was an idea. The picture of them as conveyed through Please Kill Me was so potent and alive to me as a 13 year old I felt I could already speak fluently on them before I had honestly stumbled through the dusty, half-lit corridors of their 2nd and 3rd albums.

Lou was that rare artist whose most provocative and sensational work was also his best. To this day I find so many of his (and VU's) ideas shocking and audacious. There is still little else like The Black Angel's Death Song. There is still little else like Murder Mystery. There is nothing else like the ending of White Light / White Heat (though many have tried and tried and tried).

As far as 'Rock Stars' go, no other has been as brave. Talk about Dylan going electric, Lou revelled in that kind of transformation and in the early part of his career he did it again and again.

Considering his lineage, you can be sure Lulu is due for a re-appraisal. I'll be checking it out again.

Until then, these are my absolute favourites.

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