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Glam Rock is a much maligned genre. Many people assume it to be a trashy, tasteless, commercial pop-cacophony. I'm going to try to persuade you otherwise with 10 DEEP CUTS. Artists like Sparks, Roxy Music & Bowie have proven that a substantial segment of glitter rock came with an intellectual or arty aspect that has aged very well indeed, these tunes are more chart minded but no less enjoyable.

The Quick - 'It Won't Be Long'

Though this song was released a year after the true glam era (1970-75) it's operatic treatment of the Fabs classic bears all the bombastic hallmarks of a classic Sparks 45 (Indeed it was produced by ex-Spark Earle Mankey). One of the best Beatles covers ever? Great video too.

Ning - 'Machine'

Perhaps the heaviest tune on this list, this one shot single treads the line nicely between a Gary Glitter A side and side B of Neu! 75. Glam at it's most aggressively psychedelic.

The Glitter Band - 'Just For You'

This track would hardly have been considered obscure when it came out, but I'm honestly not sure that Gary Glitter mania travelled to North America to such an extent that this franchise act would've been granted much spin. If you agree that despite it's arena associations the GG style of production still stands as one of the most futuristic and exhilarating sounds of the 70's you will have no qualms with this, The Glitter Band's best single.

The Damned - 'Morning Bird'

This has to be about the best McCartney pastiche yielded in the glitter era. It could actually fit nicely somewhere on Macca's greatly bizarre McCartney II LP. Forward thinking bandname for the time too (not the same Damned).

The Troggs - 'Strange Movies'

Not many 60's acts of the UK B-list held over into the proceeding decade. I don't know how popular the Troggs were at this point (my guess is not very), but this savage take on T Rex style riffery sits quite nicely with me.

Ayshea - 'Farewell'

I wish I knew more about this lady. As it stands this is a magnificent slice of vaguely medieval (it's the clarinet that does it) glamish rock. Sounds a little to me like early ELO with it's seamless mix of crunchy guitars and orchestration. A stunner with magnificent drum sound.

The Smoke - 'Shagalagalu'

Similiar to the Troggs these guys apparently made it out of the UK psych ghetto to produce at least one Glam pounder. This one has good bump with it's nice clipped drums and Joe Meekish farty keyboard (or guitar, not sure).

Stavely Makepeace - 'Slippery Rock 70's'

As the title suggests, some slippery 70's instrumental trashtiche.

Pretty strange tune with perversely sadistic lyrics rubbing shoulders with a glitter tune that otherwise is just punching the meal ticket.

Simon Turner - '(Baby) I Gotta Go'

...and something pretty to play us out.

Most of these tunes I learned about through Dave Thompson's Children Of The Revolution book, these two glam comps & from a list Dusty Sparkles of Danava made for me.

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I lovvvvvvvvvvvvvve this!!!!!!!!!!!!! GLAMARAMA all the way.


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