Sunday, January 2, 2011


Once a year i indulge myself and write a whole bunch of music journo sounding crap about the music i've come to enjoy in the preceding year. Most of this shit makes me cringe to re-read it as I feel much more comfortable on the 'musician' side of the equation, but I do think it is valuable to purge your thoughts on music if only to better understand what you like about your own...

In any case, perhaps you might hear something that you haven't heard before, or even better you may find something re-affirming what you already liked this year. We're not alone.

I'm going to post a list of my favourite albums in the next couple days, til then...


Gonjasufi - 'DedNd'

Filth. Disgustingly Raw. This is a real dust-dripper. Paint stripper. Every time this song creeps out of a closet a spin is stolen from that future sample-psych LP that Louis Percival and I are going to make.


U.S. Girls - 'Lunar Life'

A song like a riddle, the answer reading: anyway you twist me, this is soul music. Once the geography is clearer the results lace in, the song is devastating. The voice sounds like it is haunting itself, collapsing in and ascending. Both singles that came out this year were fantastic. Modern soul carving itself away from the cultivated. Emotionally potent.


Kanye West - 'Devil In A New Dress'

As far as contemporary producers go Kanye is as brilliant as they come. As far as monolithic celebrity personas go Kanye is as repulsive as they come. Watching that piece of shit companion piece 'film' earlier in the year made it nearly impossible for me to indulge the guy and actually give his LP a straight listen. Despite his grotesque desire to be held in regard as the 'greatest artist of all time,' he actually does find the initiative to make some pretty great sounds. This beat is exquisite, there's no denying it, and I won't.


Caribou - 'Odessa'

Indefatigable, cerebrally funky shit.


Gangrene - 'Not High Enough'

Alchemist is among the only producers since Dilla able to seamlessly slide between introspective crate digging and tuff talk thwump. This track defies physics by blissfully gliding while remorselessly knocking all at once. My favourite rap single of the year.


Owen Pallett - 'Keep The Dog Quiet'

Immaculately produced drama. Disturbed elegance hangs over this track (and much of the album), draping itself, contorting into chaos and snapping back into order all at once. So many balances, an ambitious tightrope walk. I love the vocabulary of the music more than anything, leaning into a pop modernity that would be unachievable with only guitars and drums. Qualities to aspire to, and nick from.


Lil' Wayne - '6", 7"'

All it took to hear Wayne go hard again was slipping the guitar out of his hands. He seriously sounds demented on this. Desperate swag.


Dirty Beaches - 'Golden Desert Sun'

Morrison flavours, heat haze looming soon as the tracks floats into earshot. Collapsing chromatic minimal clutter. Sweat Jam psychedelia. Hot shit, great B side too.


Salem - 'King Night'

Sounding like the kind of shit Shawty Redd (what's up with that murder charge?) might make if he were haunting your house. Terrifying heaviosity. Also authors of my favourite comedy youtube of the year.


Fat Joe - 'Slow Down'

I love this song. It doesn't rattle, it whallops. It also makes the opening of Belly seem kind of disappointing when the beat won't drop...



Jimmie said...

Slim~ I really respect you. I have to say, you hold a very rare and radiant presence in my life... my personality is based on a mixture of the things I take in... things from others. Whether it's music or movies or books or tvshows... these things mold who a person is and of course people choose what molds them... I choose to listen to your music because you are so true to yourself it hurts. You indulge in the obscure. You arn't afraid to be original. I want to be that too. I love your work. And I love your mixes! I just got a new job as a business consultant today and also finished a strange genred album two days ago:
You were such an inspiration to me. You are. To go after my ideas. My dreams. I love you and I thank you for that.
and remember "Courage lies in the moment spent silent..."- Alexz Johnson.- you'll love her. Be open hater!
Well I do apologize for not buying the CD I said I would a while back. Finances arn't what they should be just yet. BUT SOON!
I will listen to this playlist interested and curious.
Take care and avidazen...

Jimmie said...

SoWeirdBoy by the way. Sorry~

Jimmie said...

click "Featured" to get the full effect...

twiggy said...

thanks for the nice note jimmie!

take care in the new year.


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