Sunday, November 28, 2010


Last year I spent some time shooting the film 'Sight Unseen,' and earlier this year I spent a great deal of time scoring said film...

By profession I guess I might (very) reluctantly call myself something of an actor. I've auditioned countless times for the roles of homeless guy, squeegee kid, skateboarder, belligerent youth, hipster etc, etc... This is by way of saying the part I played in this film stands as unique and very special. Projects as idiosyncratic as this one DO NOT COME AROUND, and when they do you must pounce and be dedicated.

It was a family production, and in the moment of creation I felt truly blessed because of that. Creating something from nothing is a true miracle, and the sensation of doing so is an ecstatic one. Sharing this project has been a profound experience, and a great lesson.

In terms of the style of the film it is a balancing act that fans of my music might be familiar with. A hesitant stab at pop (or genre) served with a generous dollop of cerebral moodiness. I've learned that this is a precarious balance for most, but I believe it to be an innovative and brave approach. The film is original in this respect. I am proud not only to be a part of it, but to be near the centre of its engine so to speak.

Fans of David's Lynch & Cronenberg, Rear Window and other voyeuristically themed flicks will enjoy this eerie lo-fi, sci-fi mood piece.

Please join us this Thursday December 2nd at the Royal Cinema in Toronto for the screening. The film begins at 7pm.

Sight Unseen Trailer from Ross Turnbull on Vimeo.


Dirty Beaches said...

wish i could be there for the screening. send my love and regards to the family.

p said...

Props to you Ross. I'm happy for you that you gave your idea life. Nothing at all more satisfying than that. All the best Ross

powys dewhurst

d.n. said...

beyond excited and thankful to have been able to take part in the slightest bit

twiggy said...

you are a sweetheart danielle, much love to you...

s.ellen said...

will it be shared somehow for those who hadn't chance to watch it at the Royal Cinema?
p.s my congratulations about the movie!

SoWeirdBoy said...



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